Public Holidays of Mongolia

The table below provides a detailed list of 2023 public holidays in Mongolia. Hope it can help you make a good tour plan in Mongolia.

Holiday name

2023 Dates

2023 Holiday

New Year’s Day



Lunar New Year

Tue to Thu

Feb.5 – Feb.7

International Women’s Day



Mother’s and Children’s Day



Naadam holiday

Thu to Mon

Jul.11 – Jul.15

Republic Day



Chingghis Khaan’s Birthday



Independence Day




In addition to above eight legal holidays, Mongolians celebrate many other holidays, such as Constitution Day, Valentine’ s Day, Soldier’s Day, Elder’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Christmas Day, Halloween etc.


mongolia holidays


  • mongolia public holidays       New Year’s daythe 1st day of January is a day off in Mongolia. Celebrations start the 31th of December with special dinner and champagne. After a speech of Mongolian president, countdown starts. 10 seconds later, every family is opening the Champagne.


  • mongolia holidays       Lunar New Year - 1st day of the lunar new year and traditional family festival in Mongolia. Honor the elderly people and visit relatives;



  • mongolia holidays        International Women’s Day




  • mongolia children        Children’s Day




  • mongolia naadam festivals        Naadam holiday – the biggest event of the year in Mongolia for tourists, from July 11 – to 13,  highlights Mongolia’s three manly sports’- horse racing, wrestling and archery.


  • mongolia holidays       Republic Day – establishment of the Mongolian People's Republic on November 26, 1924.



  • mongolia events      Chingghis Khaan’s Birthday – 1st day of the 1st winter month on Mongolian Lunar Calendar, honor the Chingghis Khaan statue and flag raising ceremony with military parade;



  • mongolia public holidays       Independence Day – on 29th of December, Mongolia declared its independence after collapsing the Qing Dynasty.







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