About Us

Ayan Travel - the team of local travel experts organizing discovery & adventure oriented tours for groups, incentives and  individuals. We offer programs that cover best travel places, must-see attractions of Mongolia land, and always try  provide  a chance to encounter authentic nomadic life, meet real people and try adventure activities that Mongolia has to offer proudly.   

Why Ayan Travel

The most important thing of your “long planned adventure” is choosing your travel company. Here you will see the reasons why traveling to Mongolia with AYAN TRAVEL.



It is our spirit of travel. We operate “Adventures in Mongolia”. Imagine immersing yourself traveling through ragged mountains, feeling freedom on rolling steppes, wandering through wild Taiga forests, discovering dinosaur territory, the mysterious Gobi Desert, paddling on waters, encountering with wild mammals and facing one of the coldest winters on earth, with adventure guides who will thrill you. This is our value and what we do for adventurers!


It is our identity of travel.  Who can imagine travel without pictures. We create “Photos of Mongolia”. Our photographic tours and expeditions bring you to Mongolia’s most extraordinary destinations in right times, led by professional photography guides who will inspire you. This is our value and what we do for photographers!


It is our philosophy of travel. It can be said that meeting and staying with local nomads is the reason why culture travelers choose Mongolia. We spread “Culture of Mongolia”, the living heritages of our ancestors. Imagine visiting the world’s most hospitable people, the Mongolian nomads and experiencing their centuries old traditions, lifestyle and diverse ethnicity with local travel specialists who will educate you. This is our value and what we do for travelers!

Ayan Travel Team

Your Adventure and Photography Travel Experts in Mongolia

We, The Ayan Travel team, local travel enthusiasts, are capable of meeting the expectations of all our clients due to our extensive experiences in Mongolian tourism industry. We are here to help you to make “Your Dream Trip in Mongolia”, we are your communication bridge to Mongolia – speaking in multi-languages, partnering with industry’s leading companies and local individuals. We are your adventure and photography guide to Mongolia – delivering our special travel experiences. Visit here to meet our team

Ayan Project

Our decade of Mongolian travel stories becoming the culture and nature conservation project

At Ayan Travel, our decade of travel experiences in Mongolia is to be getting into to the next stage, the action of cultural and natural heritage conservation in Mongolia.

We would love promoting the successful conservation stories instead of telling wildlife species declining or culture heritage vanishing, most of us know that we are facing the loss or extinct of our nature and culture heritages. 

Parntership & Media Mentions

We are cooperating with industry-leading local and international tourism and media companies. Our local partners, negotiated air, car, hotel and restaurant contracts, a vast network of travel suppliers, along with the local to deliver the best travel experience.

Our Customer's Feedback

Our customers' feedback and pictures. What our customers do and see, where they stay and what they eat etc... We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all of our customers for sending their travel experience and being with us for more than a decade 

Terms and Conditions

Sets out below are the terms and conditions of the booking agreement. Please read them carefully. When we receive a completed booking form, you (and any other person on whose behalf you book) agree to accept all of these conditions.




Online Payment

We can accept payment online by credit cards including Visa card and Master cards. We simplified the booking and payment method for our clients. You can book a Mongolian tour and make the payment easily through our online payment. All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard. 



6 Reasons to choose Ayan Travel

Initial tour operator
Initial tour operator
Experience in Adventure and Discovery Tours
Advisors and specialist
Advisors and specialist
In Photography and Workshops
Our Tours
Our Tours
We arrange Flexible and Fixed trips
Responsible for
Responsible for
Clients- Locals- Nature
During your trip
During your trip
Assistance for 24 hours a day
Service quality
Service quality
Well planning and excellent