Nestling in high Altai Mountains, Sagsai is a sum (village) of Bayan-Ulgii Province in western Mongolia was established in 1959. One of the important habitats of wild mammals, the giant golden eagles and the nomadic people and they make the Sagsai a perfect place for keeping ancient eagle hunting tradition. 
Province: Bayan-Ulgii 
Location: 27 km from Ulgii town
Elevation: 1,710 - 3,800m
Population: 6,000
Ethnic Group: Kazakh
Attractions: Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival

What To See And Do In Sagsai 

After the first snow falls, the eagle hunters called Berkutchi in Kazakh language, start to go for a hunt into the Altai Mountains. As a culture traveler, you can exepeince authentic culture of local people. As a photographer you can capture unique shots of hunter eagles, ethnic portraits, also photograph Famous Golden eagle Festival. Sagsai hosts two-day Golden Eagle Festival which is held on 17-18 every September.


Sagsai Golden Eagle Festival Mongolia organized by Ayan Travel 


visit-kazakh-family-in-sagsaiVisit and experience Kazakh lifestyle, culture and tradition is one of the must do activities in Sagsai village. 

What To Eat In Sagsai

Mongolian cuisine, basically, consists of dairy products, meat. The extreme continental climate in Mongolia influenced this nomadic people’s traditional diet. Meat is either cooked, used as an ingredient for soups and dumplings or dried for winter. 

Food ingredients are mostly similar but the serving type is different. If you stay in local family during your tour you will be served Kazakh traditional meals. For the Kazakh people, they are considered as one of the most hospitable people on earth. Their hospitality and food culture is amazing and can be a great part of of your trip. In the Ulgii town, you can have western style meals in the local restaurant.


Beshbarmak is the national dish among nomadic Turkic peoples in Central Asia and Russia. Beshbarmak means "five fingers", because nomads used to eat this dish with their hands.

Nearby Travel Destinations From Sagsai

Once you are in the Sagsai, you have chance to explore some beautiful places of western Mongolia. We recommend Khoton and Khurgan Lakes, the two connected lakes, home to several species of fishes, some of them are only in western Mongolian basin, surrounded by magnificent snow capped peaks and ancient historical remaining. The lakes are located in 161 km from Sagsai, you can hire local driver with car, better to let it arrange by your travel operator. 


Khoton and Khurgan lakes are home to the grayling (thymallus arcticus) and the lenok (brachymystax lenok). The lakes are located in an intermontane tectonic depression in the northern portion of the Mongolian Altai Region.




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