Rising Artists born in Nomadic Mongolia

Mongolian artists


Music is a universal language no matter what country we are born in or the colors of our skin. It brings us together as one. Wherever you travel or visit, you will definitely meet and listen to the music of different cultures which not requiring language knowledge. Traveling in Mongolia will offer you to explore and admire the rare and ever-changed music culture of the nomadic people coming down from ancestors to the modern generation. Mongolian traditional long song singing, Throat singing, and sound of Morin Khuur - Horse-headed fiddle are so exclusive and unique to World ears. Mongolians have been protecting and preserving the unique culture of the Nomadic lifestyle and also showing and sharing their rare talents to the world. 
Moreover, Modern artists in various genres of fields have been challenging themselves and also gaining reputations on the stage of the world as stars born in nomadic Mongolia.
Here you can enjoy and meet some rising artists. Plus you will know where to discover Nomadic cultural performances within travel in Mongolia.

The HU band who brings Ancient Mongol Rock 

The HU band who spent their 7 years on their first album, picked up 11 million Youtube views for its two videos. They call their music style –Hunnu Rock and all four members learned to play traditional Mongolian instruments at the Mongolian State conservatory.  The HU blends traditional Mongolian instruments, like horsehead fiddle-Morin Khuur, Tumur Khuur- Jew’s harp, and Tovshuur with the pounding bass and drums of rock and singings as guttural way as throat singing.  Their first song named –Yuve Yuve Yu/ What’s going on / gained so much popularity around the world and their music video expressed so many things starting with a screen of members inside playing video games, sleeping, watching TV, and looking at their phones. When the door is opened, the band’s four members step into the different natural settings -cliffs, deserts, forest, and lake where all these natural beauties can be found in one region in Mongolia and transformed with leather jackets, skull rings, and bandannas.  The message they hope to convey through their music is that people need to pay attention to nature and their history and culture, said lead singer TS.Galbadrakh.  From little boys to older ones, every excited listener sang totally unknown Mongolian words- Yu ve Yuve on their month. Good luck to the band who delivers Mongol rock music to the world. 

Mongolian Baritone Singer Ariunbaatar- One of the world’s Most Skillful Singer

He is a singer with a powerful voice who attracted world attention of how Mongolian went wild for opera and issues of a nomad to Buckingham palace after winning Prize Trophy of Cardiff Singer of the World competition 2017. He also won several competitions such as the 24th Glinka International Vocal Contest in 2011, Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Competition in 2014, and Grand Prix at the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition. 


ariunbaatar mongolia


He grew up in a nomadic family of Tuv province in the central region of Mongolia. The nature of Tuv province is fascinating and only the place where you can discover Wild horse- Preziwalski’s horse in Hustai National Park. Singer, Ariunbaatar is truly a Mongolian risen star born from nomads and one of the most skillful five singers in the world.

Mongolian Traditional Long song singer Khongorzul

Khongorzul Ganbaatar is one of the best Mongolian Long song singers who introducing tradition and culture of the nomadic life of Mongolia through her powerful and amazing voice. She was born in Khentii province-Homeland of Chinggis Khan in the eastern reign of Mongolia. She has sung on many big stages such as for a Nobel Prize Concert, at the opening ceremony of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall, and other famous venues.


mongolian long song singer


Mongolian long song tradition is declared by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Mongolian Traditional Contortionists 

Otgontsetseg (Otgo waller) is a famous Mongolian contortionist who became the best in the world when she was only 13 years old. In Mongolia, the contortionist’s dance is called “Uran Nugaralt,” which means artistic bending. It is believed that the art of bending and contorting was first observed in Mongolian royal palaces during festivals and celebratory events during the time of the Mongol empire. 
During her last 30 years, she was featured on the NBC, Discovery Channel, SFy Network, PAX Network, MTV, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, “Donny and Marie Show,” “Ripley’s Believe it or Not,” and E Network’s “Talk Soup. 


Mongolian contortionist


She has also been a featured performer with Cirque du Soliel’s “O” Show, the NBA halftime shows, NHL halftime shows, NCAA halftime shows, and Britney Spears “MTV Video Music Awards.” Otgo Waller’s choreographic works have been featured at the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies, The International Contortion Convention, and the San Diego Circus.

Guinness World Record holders-Mongolian contortionist

You may be amazed that there are several Guinness Record holders of Mongolian contortionists such as Tsatsral Erdenebileg Guinness World Record holder for the longest Marinelli bend and Iona Luvsandorj Guinness world record by holding her entire body weight on her mouth.


Mongolian contortionist


Circus world without Mongolian contortionist is unimaginable.

Khusugtun Ethnic Ballad group- Soul of Nomadic Culture 

Khusugtun is with a six-member group of Mongolian folk musicians with the objective of bringing Traditional Mongolian music to the world. They are inspired by nomadic ancestry and by their historic civilization. In addition to the traditional instruments of the group, they also incorporate the breath taking-Throat singing.  One of their traditional musical objects is chains of ankle bones putting some sounds to their music. Khoomei –Throat singing is commonly found in a region of the Altai Mountains and mostly expresses sounds of animals and natural phenomena.


khusugtun ethnic ballad group mongolia

The Group who they perform nomadic culture through their music won second place in Asian’s got talent show in 2017, from about 7000 Asian contestants. They have been performing and introducing Mongolian traditional music and spreading the Nomadic Culture of Music to the world via their tour concerts.

Mongolian Ballet dancer Altankhuyag- Best Ballet Dancer of the World

Altankhuyag Dugaraa (stage name as Altan Dugaraa) was born in Khovd, Mongolia, and started his ballet training at age 11. His birthplace Khovd province in western Mongolia is famous for natural beauty such as fresh and saltwater lakes, snow-capped mountains, green valleys and caves as well as ancient rock paintings and fortresses being the main sightseeing attractions. 


altankhuyag mongolia ballet


He also won several competitions including the Asian Pacific International Ballet Competition in Tokyo, Audience Award, Best Contemporary Dancer in the International Ballet Competition of Perm, Finalist, and Young Talent Award from the International Ballet Competition of Jackson and New-York International Ballet Competition. Altan has participated in many performances and galas around the world including La Scala Theater, Paris Opera Theater, Lincoln Center, Wang Theater, New National Theatre of Japan, Opera House of Boston and Theaters of Spain, and countless stages of the countries around the world. He organized the first International Ballet Festival in Mongolia and one of the great ballet dancers in the world and also one of a successful artist born from Khovd province- Land of Music and Song.

Successful Actor - Mongolian actors in Hollywood

Baljinnyam Amarsaikhan is a famous Mongolian actor and producer. He is a true representative of the Mongolian modern film industry who plays as Arig Bukhe, brother of Khublai khan, role in the Marco Polo series by Netflix. 


actor mongolia amarsaikhan


He was born in Ulaanbaatar city where you can explore modern and ancient historical sites together there. His hometown –Ulaanbaatar city is a true representative of nomadic culture mixed with modern life where you visit many Buddhist monasteries and temples and ancient and modern museums and concerts together.

Mongolian Traditional Folk Dance- Mongol Biyelgee

Tserendulam Sevjid is not only a famous Mongolian dancer but also one of the first dancers in the 20th century who introduced Mongolian Traditional dance. He was born Dornogobi province in the southeast of the country where you can see the World Energy center-one of the famous travel destination in the Gobi Desert. His contribution to Mongol Biyelgee- traditional folk dance is huge.


mongolia traditional dance


Biyelgee dances are typically confined to the small space inside the Ger -nomadic dwelling and are performed while half sitting or cross-legged. Hand, shoulder, and leg movements express aspects of Mongol lifestyle including household labor, customs, and traditions, as well as spiritual characteristics tied to different ethnic groups.

Special Offers for your Cultural Trip in Mongolia

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mongolia traditional dance Local theatre

Whatever your passion, we’ll listen closely to your ideas and find the perfect performance venues and even it can be somewhere in the middle of Gobi Desert if you wish, or concert with a local choir, private or night museum events ( can be with dinner), or other components to create lifelong memories. With your unique passion to explore deep of Mongolian traditional culture, we can create your customized tour to bring it to life.

Checklists for Entertainments in Mongolia

Tumen Ekh Ensemble 

Tumen Ekh ensemble is Mongolia’s premier traditional performance group featuring folk and traditional music, song, dance, and contortion. The ensemble is quite famous and already became one of the must-sees in Ulaanbaatar. Tumen Ekh performs every evening and also they will perform twice a day during tourist high seasons. If you are interested in the culture of true Nomadic Mongolia and the land of the blue sky in Ulaanbaatar, do not miss their colorful performances.


Mongolian State Circus 

Establishing the Mongolian State Circus in 1940 was the start of Mongolian famous artist’s career in the circus. Now State Circus is better known as Assa Circus which is south of the State Department store in Ulaanbaatar city. State circus performing include dancing, acting, contortion, acrobatics, juggling, animal performances, magical shows, and many others combined with National Music and National Clothing. Mongolian Circus opens concerts to the audiences only a few times a year, so you should check their schedules before or while on your travel in Mongolia.

Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble 

The ensemble not only performs  Mongolian National folk art heritages but also performing the best classic and modern works composed by Mongolian and foreign famous artists. It became the biggest professional art organization playing famous works of Mongolian historical plays, ballets originated from folk literature and modern ballets, etc.

Now this ensemble has more than 150 artists and most of them are rewarded, Mongolian famous artists. It will be a great opportunity to explore Mongolian traditional song and dance culture through their performances. They perform valuable performances to audiences and try to make it more often. During summertime, you can enjoy their performances almost every day. 

State Opera & Ballet Theatre 

State Opera & Ballet theatre was founded in 1931 and the first opera was ‘Three Dramatic Characters’ by B.Damdinsuren. If you are interested in Opera and Ballet, Mongolian State Opera and Ballet Theatre will be suggested at first. They have been performing Mongolian foreign famous Operas and Ballets for about 90 years. Their latest performances were Opera ’Chinggis Khan’ by B.Sharav and Ballet ‘Swan Lake’ by P.I.Tchaikovsky. They usually perform on weekends and also tend to give Gala Concerts. You can book online tickets via their websites.

Mongolian Puppet Theatre 

If you are traveling with your children in Mongolia, do not miss Mongolian puppet theatre. Mongolia Puppet theatre is located in the same building as State Opera& Ballet theatre, which is less than 200 meters far from Sukhbaatar square. Their performances will definitely attract your kids and give them unforgettable memories of Mongolia. 

Local Theatres around Mongolia

Mongolia is divided into 21 provinces and each province also subdivided into several soums. Nearly all these administration units have their own theatres which can give you many different regions’ cultures and traditions through their performances. Local theatres can truly give the chance to explore Mongolian traditional Long Song, Throat singing, dance, music performances of various ethnic groups and traditional epic telling, etc. If you are traveling near Sainshand city, Dornogobi province, you can catch Saran Khuhuu Theatre named after the famous play by Danzan Ravjaa.


Mongolia local theatre


Maybe you are traveling around the central reign of the country, do not forget to watch Central Mongolian Concert Theatre. While exploring Kazakh people’s culture and Eagle Hunting Festival, you can enjoy the Kazakh National Theatre where can find specific ethnic group’s dance and music in Olgii province, the western region of Mongolia. So please keep in mind that you have plenty of chances to discover Local Theatres while on your travel in Mongolia. Just make sure that you have it on your checklists on your travel planning.

There are countless talented artists of Mongolia living and performing around the world.
Who knows they just live near you. Or you have already met some of them.
Come and explore Mongolia
Home of Talented Artist born from Nomads in the past, present and future




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