What to see and do in Mongolia

Without doubt Mongolia is one of the most adventurous destinations and has a rich culture and a great history. If you seek an ADVENTURE that is truly uncommon and need an inspiration of CULTURE that is absolutely unique or if you are a true NATURE lover and generally looking for a lifetime adventure and less explored mysterious place, then you are in the right place.

The least populated country and home to hospitable nomads known as “Steppe Mongolia” can offer the list of THE BEST 20 THINGS TO DO IN MONGOLIA.

 The Best 20 Things To Do in Mongolia 

1.  Attend various Nomadic Events and Festivals 



Mongolia is fascinating and totally lives up to the hype. From enjoying famous Naadam Festival in July to helping nomads' daily life in spring time, photographing wild horses in the NP to experiencing centuries old traditions during Lunar New Year and much more great adventures of outdoor events and festivals await you in Mongolia. You can choose interesting events and find only your own adventure from seasonal activities. 




2. Exploring Nomadic Lifestyle



Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, tradition, and heritage will be a brand new experience of culture which you haven’t seen until now and it let you show that the different world is co-existing with you. Visiting a local herder family is the perfect way to figure out the unchanged culture of the Mongols and experience their traditional lifestyle with them firsthand. 


3. Sleeping under the countless stars


Mongolia is the best place for sky and star viewing. While you’re traveling in Mongolia you can see the countless stars and Milky Way especially while on outdoor camping and sleeping in the Ger /Yurt/. Mongolia should top your must-see list- with eternal blue sky during day and fascinating stars at night sky, if you are fall in love with seeing stars. You will be able to see thousands of stars with just your naked eye and see those stars much nearer to you while camping in Mongolia. 


4. Hiking and Climbing in Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain


If you are novice trekker-you may think it seems crazy trekking on foot, but for your adventurous spirit and your love for outdoors will lead to hiking in Mongolia.Mongolia offers excellent hiking and climbing opportunities, you just choose your location which best suits you.




5. Eye-witnessing Famed Naadam Festival 


As top attraction of Mongolian travel, you will have unforgotten discovery of adventure, tradition and culture of Mongolian people through the Naadam festival. Atmosphere of the festival in UB is full of performances, games, meals and shows crowded by local people from all over the nation and tourists from all over the world. If you prefer local Naadam, it starts at the beginning of the July and continues through July depending on provisions and locations. 



6. Camel Riding in Gobi Desert 



Mongolian Gobi is 2nd biggest desert in Asia and 5th largest in the world and also famous for skeleton and footprints of prehistoric dinosaurs and their petrified eggs. Also Mongolia is one of the few countries conserving Bactrian camels. Camel trekking during your tour in Mongolia will be unforgettable, quite uncommon and exciting experience of your all life time.



7. Photographing natural wonders to historical sites

tour_mongoliaMongolia offers photographers to have plenty of opportunities to capture real nomadic lifestyle in the beauty of nature. 

In your tour Mongolia, you have enough opportunities to capture photos of natural locations, cultural and historical sites, nomadic herder people and its tradition.

Your reward will be powerful photos that clearly illustrate the story of your adventures. 



8. Biking and Motorcycling through Mongolia 

motorcycle travel in mongolia

Travelling by bike or motorcycle across Mongolia are another adventure way to experience this vast and wilderness landscape. Of course, you will be accompanied by expert guides, bike mechanics, drivers and cooks equipped with outdoor equipment that is made for the type of adventure and suit for the wilderness conditions of the country.




9. Unimaginable Off-Road Adventure and overland Tour 

mongolia_overland_toursConsider yourself an adventurous traveler? Well, then  Mongolia offers you the ideal opportunity to move away from tourist trial and into the (relatively) unknown and off beaten paths through  the country. 

Get ready to witness it all – amazing landscapes, surprisingly natural settings, distinctive nomadic culture, unrivalled local hospitality and more. It’ll take week or more days for Mongolian adventure to steal your heart.


10. Fishing in Mongolian River and Lakes 


There are plenty of small and big rivers and lake throughout the country and the rivers holds fantastic numbers of Taimen, Lenok, Amur trout, grayling, and Amur pike. While in your travel in Mongolia, you can enough possibilities of catch and release and fly fishing. Fishing season  in Mongolia legally opens on June 15th and closes November 1st. August to September is generally considered to be Mongolia’s prime fishing season and fishes are feeding like crazy. 



11. Sand dune surfing in Gobi Desert 



After your walking, riding  and sightseeing in Gobi Desert, you should try sand surfing  and enjoy a thrilling experience racing down the dunes, whizzing around in a sand buggy and taking in the mesmerizing views from across the tallest slopes. Popular sand dune boarding locations are Khongor sand dunes and Moltsog sand dunes in Umnu-gobi province. 



12.  Meeting with Real Mongol Shaman 

mongolia_shamanShamanism is the oldest religion practice in the world not only in Mongolia and centers on beliefs and rituals associated with shaman, a man or a woman regarded as having access to the “spirit world”. Mongolian shamans enter an ecstatic trance state in which the shaman is empowered to engage with the spirits I order to protect and heal members of the community, to guide souls and cure illnesses. That's why many Mongolians still believe the power of shaman rituals and visit them to ask help for their lives.



13. Watching beautiful birds in Mongolia


Are you bird watcher or bird photogtapher ? If ,Yeees, Bird watching in MONGOLIA is challenging and worth-taking since you have to discover various natural settings as mountain regions to gobi desert, wetlands and endless steppes. You can observe how birds in Mongolia live, how they feed, fight, date...in these various natural environment.  It is also possible to take fantastic photos, after all, birds are beautiful and very photogenic!



14. Dog Sledding in Frozen River in Mongolia


One of thrilling  winter adventure in Mongolia you can explore is adventure of dog sledding just same as  Marco Polo did it in Mongolia back in the 13th century. This thrilling adventure still can be found in Mongolia, especially during winter festivals you will have opportunities to ride dog sledding and also horse sledding throughout the country. To the northeast of the city, along the Terelj River, dog sledding trips are available and dogs are mostly Siberian husky dogs.



15. Visit Ancient Capital city of Mongol Empire 



Kharkhorin/ Kharkhorum/ , included in Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape , UNESCO heritage list , was the 13th and 14th century capital of Chinggis (Genghis) Khan’s vast Empire. The site reflect the symbiotic links between nomadic, pastoral societies and their administrative and religious centres, and the importance of the Orkhon valley in the history of central Asia. It is the must-visit place in Mongolia.  



16. Follow the Footprints of Dinosaurs in Gobi


The Mongolian Gobi Desert is the largest dinosaur fossil reservoir in the world including the evolution of nature and wildlife and Cretaceous Dinosaur Fossil Cradle Sites contain dinosaur fossils, tracks, and footprints which belong to the period of 70 to 99 million years ago. The region is especially important as regards dinosaur fossils from the later Cretaceous period, which is the last of the main three periods of the dinosaur age.



17. Enjoying Nomadic Cultural Performances


Mongolian traditional folk dance, Tsam dance, traditional Long song, Morin Khuur music instrumental performance, Khuumii-throat singing, and other culture related shows are a memorable part of your Mongolia adventure. You can develop a greater understanding of Nomadic Culture, directly experience ancient rituals connected with daily shores of Mongolian herders and learn about the wildlife and natural habitats through cultural performances.



18. Horse Riding in Mongolia

horse-riding_mongoliaWhy not to try horseback riding tour when you visit Mongolia? Horseback Riding is the best way to see and feel true Mongolia. Mongolia offers all level of riding tours, whether you are on one-day riding trail or two-week horse trek; whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider and wish to attend horse riding tour in Mongolia to gallop free on the open steppes, we are warmly welcome you and Mongolia is the only country which offers authentic rides. 




19. Rafting in Mongolia

rafting_mongoliaRelaxing in nature and swimming in rivers under the blue sky and kayaking and boating will be your adventure rafting tour in Mongolia. Rafting on fresh river water is one of fun adventures of water sport opportunities in Mongolia. You have various choices such as Khuvsgul lake,Tuul, Orkhon, Chuluut, Hagiin and Kherlen rivers. During the high water season, the rivers may certainly become *advanced* or even *extreme*. To catch optimal water levels, you should carefully plan your schedule and choose your destinations whichever suits your fancy.


20. Listen history of Deer Stones in Mongolia

deer_stone_mongoliaMongolia is rich with monuments and complex heritage sites that belong to Bronze Age culture. While in your travel in Mongolia, you will probably meet the Deer Stones and Burial sites which manily are the main Bronze Age monuments of khirgisuurs, petroglyphs, stone sculptures such. Deer stones usually be found together with extraordinary monuments called khirgisuur, with slab burials or in some cases with petroglyphs forming a complex site. The Bronze Age funeral practice, sacrificial ritual and ideology and animal style art, which were spread among ancient nomads, are all together represented through deer stones. The deer stones are created from a long block of granite with four flat sides, on which deer and other images are engraved. 


Mongolia Trip Planning

Mongolia Trip Planning
Thinking about planning a trip to Mongolia? We help to go through everything you’ll want to consider for planning a Mongolia trip, including advice for making the most of your stay in Mongolia and quirky facts that make Mongolia such a unique place to travel.

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