Discovery to the Far West Mongolia Tour

14 days from $2500

Perfect jeep over landing discovery tour, just another option of the “Travelling to the far west Mongolia” program. Here the route is drawn down to the south from the middle of the program and it ends in Ulgii town of Bayan-Ulgii province. We circled the program in 16 days to make it available for time-limited adventurers. In general, people know that the landscape elevation rises up towards the west part of Mongolia comprising the high mountain ranges of Altai and Khangai. But do all people know that we also can find golden sand dunes as well as fantastic views of sparkling lakes nestled between the sandhills there? Along this trip, you have an opportunity to discover all those beauties in a very peaceful way. You will constantly meet local people of different Mongolian ethnic groups, which are as different as you go further to the west. This is a very rewarding trip to a part of Mongolia rarely been visited by foreigners yet.




  •  Orkhon Valley, Kharkhorin / Erdene Zuu Monastery
  •  Beautiful lakes, Sand Dunes, High mountain ranges
  •  Ethnic diversity of the western provinces
  •  Eagle-hunting kazakh family
  •  Tsambagarav mountain (4202 m)

Key Info

Physical level: Moderate Physical level: Moderate
Overlanding & Discovering Overlanding & Discovering

Tour Itinerary


Day 1.

Arriving in Ulaanbaatar

City tour with visiting National History Museum, Gandan monastery, and Sukhbaatar Square (also known as Chinggis Khaan Square). Welcome dinner and briefing on the upcoming tour. (L/D)

in the hotel

Day 2.

Drive to Khustai National Park

Visit Hustai NP where the re-introduction of the wild Przewalski horses has taken place since 1993. On arrival, you will have lunch at the camp. There is an interesting information center where you will be supplied with all the necessary facts and data. The afternoon will be spent at leisure hiking in the surrounding mountains with an evening visit to the wild horses while they come to drink in the evening. Dinner and overnight at the campsite. (B/L/D)

in the camp 1 hour

Day 3.

Discover Orkhon Cultural Valley

In the morning start driving to Kharkhorin, which is settled in legendary Orkhon Valley. It was formerly a great capital city built by the order of Chingis Khaan and finished by his son king Ugudei in 1235. But in 1380 it was destroyed by Manchu soldiers completely. Later on in 1586 Abtai khaan raised the Erdene Zuu monastery, the first Buddhist temple complex, at the ruins of this famous city. Although most of the monastery buildings were destroyed during the communist repression of 1937, major buildings and 108 stupas are survived and the exhibits are displayed for the visitors. We will visit the Erdene Zuu monastery. (B/L/D)

in the camp

Day 4.

Relaxing day at Tsenkher Hot Spring
Today we drive to the Tsenkher Hot Springs & Spa, natural beauty- the hot spring, situated between forested hills and breathtaking mountains, water from this geological spectacle emerges from the ground at 85.5°C. (B/L/D)
in the camp

Day 5.

Exploring Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park

Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. It has fresh water and the volcanic area around it is certainly the natural highlight It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mongolia. It is surrounded by extinct volcanoes at an altitude of 2.060 meters above sea level. Explore the lake and its vicinity areas. Hike to Khorgo Uul volcano (2.965m) from the northeast shore of the lake. Visit caves on the way. The lake, birdlife, and mountains are protected within the 73000-hectare Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park. Fishing, swimming, hiking, and walking activities. Overnight in a tent. (B/L/D)

in the camp 2 hours

Day 6.

Telmen Lake

Experience the stunning Khangai mountain range and traverse the picturesque Solongot mountain passes on our journey to the western Mongolian region. Lake Telmen has three islands that it attract many numbers of migrating birds and it makes the lake more beautiful. Local herders especially –Khotgoid –ethnic people call this lake –Telmen Mother and Green Telmen. Stay in a tent. (B/L/D) 

in the tent

Day 7-8.

Explore Ulaagchiin Khar Lake

Experience the tranquility of Ulaagchiin Khar Lake, one of the oldest lakes in the World, a serene oasis embraced by sand dunes, invites you to disconnect from the digital world. Immerse yourself in the peaceful surroundings, staying in this picturesque haven, where the beauty of the lake and the serenity of the landscape offer a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Stay overnight in a tented camp. (B/L/D)

in the tent

Day 9.

Khar Us Lake National Park

We are entering the Khakr Us Lake National Park area, where the shimmering waters are graced by over 10 enchanting islands, the largest being Avgash. Dive into a realm of biodiversity, boasting a rich tapestry of over 260 bird species and a thriving population of rare fish, including the prized Ruff and Altain Osman. Immerse yourself in the warmth of the seasons, where birdwatching enthusiasts and photographers are treated to unparalleled opportunities to capture vibrant avian life and breathtaking scenery. Stay overnight in a tent. (B/L/D).

Khar us lake national park mongolia

in the tent 1 hour

Day 10.

Trekking, Meeting, Discovering... West Mongolia

Head to the northwest towards Bayan Ulgii province. Come close to the magnificent Tsambagarav mountain (4193m). Trekking and climbing sessions while enjoying the natural beauty and meeting with local people. Visit Eagle hunting Kazakh family. Discover their unique lifestyle, by talking with family members. Overnight in a ger beside the eagle hunter family. (B/L/D)

in the family 2 hours

Day 11.

Sagsai Village

Drive to Sagsai village to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of nomadic eagle hunters. Experience the unique way of life where Kazakh eagle hunters seamlessly blend pastoral living in the summer with eagle falconry in the winter. Learn about their rich heritage as true nomadic eagle falconers in the modern world. Stay with a local eagle hunter family and experience firsthand the warm hospitality of the Kazakh people while gaining insight into their traditions and culture. 

in the family

Day 12.

Touring in Ulgii town

Drive to Ulgii town. Unlike other provinces, its population is dominated by Kazakhs, who have their language, customs, and Muslim religion. Take your time to relax in a local hotel. (B/L/D)

in the hotel

Day 13.

Fly Back to Ulaanbaatar

Take a flight back to Ulaanbaatar at the local airport. Free hours at the hotel, or you can go for personal explorations. Traditional folk performance in the evening.

in the hotel

Day 14.


Transfer to the Airport for the departure. (B)

Prices & Inclusions

Prices & Inclusions
Group size Price/Per person
2 pax 3190$
3-4 pax 2950$
5-8 pax 2790$


  • Accommodation: Hotel***,* ger camp, tented camp
  • Guiding and interpreting service 
  • Full board meals 
  • One-way flight ticket
  • Transport: vehicle 4x4 or minivan
  • Entrance fees to protected areas and national parks
  • Museums and cultural performance
  • Camping equipment

Not Includes

  • International airfare 
  • Personal equipments 
  • Optional activity cost 
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Single room supplement 
  • Alcoholic drinks 
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Travel Insurance

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