Things To Do In Mongolia

The least populated country and home to hospitable nomads known as “Steppe Mongolia” can offer a long list of ACTIVITIES & THINGS TO DO.

Bird and Flower Watching in mongolia

Mongolia said dream land of bird and flower watchers. Here you will not see flocks and many species in one place. However it has endangered and rare species in the sparse area. For both bird and flower lovers, May till September is the best season. Tours related to easy to moderate walking for the most part and predominantly simple camping in the tent or ger camp.

Birding in Mongolia: Every place especially Eastern Mongolia such as along the Khurkhiin Khundii, Tsengiin Burd Western Mongolia is the heaven for birding during the migration in May to June and September to October through the Rolling Steppes, Siberian Taiga, Saxaul Trees and Gobi and Altai Mountains. Gobi Desert in the Southern Mongolia known as plenty of opportunities to see raptors, fauvette etc.

Flower watching: Botanical tour in Mongolia is dedicated to anyone who loves beautiful flowers in the wilderness.  Just outside of the city or while in tour in Mongolian National Parks such as Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Hustai National Park, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park and Khuvsgul National Park are the ideal places for watching flowers. Capturing photos are one of the highlight and take this opportunity to make your dreams come true seeing wonderful wildflowers including Asian Globeflower Trollius asiaticus, Siberian Columbine Aquilegia sibirica, Rhododendron Rhododendron dahuricum, Cowberry Vaccinum vitisidea, Pink wintergreen Pyrola incarnatа, Twinflower Linnaea borealis, Anemone Anemone crinite etc. 

Hiking and trekking In Mongolia

Trekking and hiking in Mongolia is a paradise to avoid infrastructure, tourists and an immersion in nature for several days. Average altitude is 1580 m. From east to west altitude changes from 560m to 4000 meters, steppe to Khangai and to snow caped mountains. You will traverse between birch forest, over the sand dunes and between the rocky Altai Mountains in adventurous trip to Mongolia.

Easy hikers: In discovery tours short hiking and trekking along the valley, climb up to the Sand Dunes or volcano, you will parking your car in the parking lot and go easy hiking and trekking to explore more about the nature and wilderness. 

Active hikers: Western Mongolia in Altai Mountains in Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs Province, central Mongolia- Khuisiin Naiman Nuur, and Northern Part- Khoridol Saridag Mountain is the best place for hiking. Average walking distance is 20 km, 4-5 hours in the morning and afternoon. Baggage are loaded on the  horse or camel back. 

Hiking or Trekking is an activity that can be done by almost anyone, of any age, and of any fitness ability.

Photographing and Filming In Mongolia

Mongolia known as Land of Blue sky, home of Nomads. Its joy of photographing and plenty of photographs, do filming for fantastic in its scenery, people, authentic lifestyle of nomads- mixture of urban and nomadic life, colorful events and festivals and wildlife. The experience of tour and workshop with pro company is something you never want to miss. Every corner, place of Mongolia is mystical like a hidden treasure. And we not suggest you to come only summer. All 4 seasons to beauty of 
During the photography tour Ayan travel team will provide professional photo guide who knows best angles, beautiful places of photography, golden time and perfect organization skills of arrangement and communicating with locals. 
Due to the Mongolian territory is huge it spends more time to take photos you expected even you’re photo lover or professional photographer. But you can capture Mongolia’s natural and cultural wonders from sand dunes to deep taiga forest, and steppe to snow-caped mountains, while being guided by experts with strong organization skills. All you have to worry about is to remember your tripod and camera equipment as all accommodation and transport will be take care of prior to your arrival. 
For the filming tour we can suggest you the interesting topic and story, furthermore, knowledgeable interpreter/ guide will go with you. 


Horse and Camel riding In mongolia

We offers horse and camel riding experiences with scenic trails and friendly animals for the help of local instructors. To the beginners local guide and instructor will give a basic information and horse and camel riding instruction at first including how to ride and stop, Mongolian horses and camels specialty etc. If you’re riding the first time ever, local instructor will lead you until you learn how to ride them.

From beginner’s horse rides to amazing steppe, along the shore of beautiful crystal watered lake and muddy trails of the deep taiga forest is definitely a memorable experience for the adventurous.

Camel riding is available in the gobi desert of Southern Mongolia, diversity of steppe, sand dunes and mountains of central Mongolia and limited experience in north west Zavkhan Province. In the western Mongolia Bayan-Ulgii and Uvs Province, hikers and trekkers load the luggage on the camel back.

All of our discovery and leisure tour including an hour of horse and camel riding experience. Due to clients’ request, we can extend the duration. For the adventure seekers we suggest tours in central and northern Mongolia in the forest and bushed. There is no vehicle and only you, your guide and local instructor will carry all the stuffs in the horse back. Daily route and length of the trips are 20 km and 3-4 hours both in the morning and afternoon.  


Overlanding and Discovering In Mongolia

MONGOLIA - The home of hundreds of kilometres wide open plain, steppe grassland, snow peaked high mountain ranges, tick taiga forest, Gobi desert. 
-The Nation of Great Genghis Khan, who established greatest, biggest human empire in history, still Mongols are proud today.
-The Country of Nomadic culture and civilization, that only belongs to Mongol nation tribes by nature. 
Since the time of Genghis Khan, Mongol Nomads gathers thogether and celebrates their Naadam Festival, every summer. 
Historic this great event comes into life in 10-13 July every summer only here in all over Mongolia. Think about whole nation dresses up with traditional costumes, all represents their origins of the ethnic divercity and share their joy. What a colourful festival it is. Just you imagine! What you wait? Be part of Naadam Festival!  Welcome to Mongolia. Let's Discover Mongolia! 

Fishing and Hunting In mongolia

Grab your tackle with exciting angling tour fishing the rivers and lakes of Mongolia.

Fishing in Mongolia is wonderful and adventurous experience both pros and beginners especially northern, eastern and central part of Mongolia. The fishing season legally opens from 15th of June and end early November. The best time for fishing is September and October for professional fishers. Although perfect weather and water conditions are never guaranteed, skies are normally bright and sunny with crystal water conditions due to Mongolia is 260 days sunny in a year. Any month of the year, you will experience cold and chilly in the evening, hot summer in the day time.

Upon arriving at the river or lake, your experienced fishing guide will give you a rundown on the location, as well as provide some handy tips for specialty of Mongolian rivers and catching your first fish.

Your guide will also provide necessary equipment, thus making your tour much easier. Don’t miss out on your chance to feel the fabulous relaxing tour.


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